negatives in internet

I don’t agree if the internet give more good than harm influence, as we could see nowadays teenager or child had been contaminated by lots of negatives in internet, they become more lazy to study, do homework, and they also wasted their time mostly on internet. Some negatives are like Porn and social networking, porn have make them become wild and misunderstood about sex they just get bad influence of porn that keep disturbing their minds.

In Social networking we could hear nowadays that people were killed, and divorce because of social networking like they use this for acquaintance with strangers and they are cheating through social networking,Other case is when they meet each other then that stranger is not a good person and he / she was killed. Thats why from this we could see that internets give fatal influence. I dun really want to know what my friends are doing every minute. I know of students who tweet almost every second of their lives. Gosh, dun they have better things to do? Grab a book and read!

Bryan on January 30, 2012 at 1:11 pm said: Everything really only depends on the person using the internet. If they are wise, they will use it for what they need it for and will not affect them in real life in any way at all. There are some cases about cyber bullying and that some people have committed suicide. I think those are the dumb people who did that as the internet is only just a virtual thing and it should not affect them in any way. So there is more good than harm in using the internet in my opinion as you can search almost anything on the internet.

If only everyone is as mature as you ! Sent from my BlackBerry® powered by Sinyal Kuat INDOSAT 3. Internet is just like soil of fertility. If you planted something bad,you won’t get away from it and you will take care of it until it grow and it determines you that you like that kind of plant. Plant of evil. Neverthless, when you plant a good seed it will grow and benefictial to you as well. The point is when you have internet, the magnifying glass that can search the whole world ,whether it is bad or good is in your hand. Just a question of what you use it for.