Obtaining an opportunity in your organization.

Obtaining an opportunity in your organization. I hope this will greatly improve my technical skills and further develop my experience. Experience NOV 2007- SEP 2012 unton National sank Dubai (IJAE) Senior Relationship Officer As Relationship Manager you will help people get the most from their money, make the right choices and make their money work for them. Often working for a bank or building society, you’d be the number one resource for customers to get advice on their account.

This would range from their account details to advice on the best financial service for them. You’d have to assess each individual customer’s needs and accounts as well as generating new business and clients. Speaking with customers would be a large part of your day to day work, either over the phone, on the internet or face to face. You’d set up a meeting with them, discuss their financial needs and details and keep records, negotiate over financial products and keep your customers well informed and advised at all times.

It would be important for you to keep up to date with the latest products, services and financial laws so you can give reliable advice. You will also be expected to meet sales targets, by offering them to clients and also drawing in new ones to increase business. 2004-2007 Mercedes-Benz Shuwaikh Kuwait Sales & Customer Service Making all invoices for the vans and trucks. Office Administration Responsible for shipmen for all vehicles and vans. Selling Vans and Trucks during Sales agents’ vacation.

Correspondence with the HO in Germany for shipment. Handle with Clint after sale Solve the pro Education Languages Soft Skills blem tor customer Courses Studies Computer: Master Degree (MBA) Still study Graduation date : July 2003 College: modern academy Department: business administration English Grade: good with honor. Rank: Third Arabic : Mother Tongue English: Fluent French: Basic Outgoing personality. Good communication ; Organizational skills. Natural or professional selling skills.

Excellent Interpersonal ; presentational skills. Organized, able to work under stress. Teachable, tactful and self-motivated. Ability to work in a group or individually according to the Job Body Language and Charisma , Union National Bank Introduction in Union National Bank English Grammar for everyday use, Union National Bank How to attract your prospect? , Union National Bank Selling Smarter, Union National Bank Sales Steps, Union National Bank Microsoft Windows Microsoft Office (Access, Word, Excel, PowerPoint) requirements