Outline importance of singing, dancing and acting.

Yes, maybe you will say:”Hey! That’s not enough! I need MORE! ” but what are the three most importance things that you decide to change? If I could change three things about myself, I think first and foremost, I would change my desirous of food-ness. I got the stomach ache-ness when I was at Japan and tried not to eat so much. Well, to late for regrets now! I am eating now and just ate some ice-cream just now and ate fish chops for dinner. Well, good luck to me! Secondly, I would like to change my laziness. I had been pretty darn lazy through my whole life until now. Except for the time when my sister who is older than me by a year got to go to school and petty little me didn’t get to go. So, I got so interested in learning that I read ALL of my sister’s textbooks.

And ever since my sister knew that I knew  that she was learning, made up a lame excuse and threw her homework to me and went to play some stupid computer game like… MINES. Because she doesn’t know how to play it, she just simply pushes some buttons. But now, I inherited her laziness and she inherited my hardworkingness and it’s the other way round than the time we were kids. Lastly, I would like to change the fact that I don’t really have any talents. I’m suck in studying, not really good in sports.

I would want my talents to be: singing, dancing and acting. So, I could just be a pop star when I grow up. Well, it’s really nice to be a star, you know, with people fan boy and fan girling you. You just sing, which you awesomely have HUGE talent at and you get tons of money for just ONE song you sing! It would be such an awesome life! Well, its probably pretty obvious that nobody is going to magically materialize from thin air and grant those for me. So seems like I would just need to keep working at it.