Overarching Content Goals

I’m giving you a lecture note template rather than the ppt slides because the template takes less paper to print, includes tables that synthesize information from multiple slides, and includes blanks for you to fill in during in-class activities. IV. Practice Exam Questions These are questions similar to ones I will likely ask on the exam. Some of the questions are from past exams. V. Homework Assignment – This assignment covers the latter half of ecology and the first chapter of this unit. I. Learning Goals Overarching Content Goals:

Students should be able to trace matter and energy across scales (cellular to organismal to ecosystem) and to use the laws of conservation of matter and energy in their reasoning. * trace molecules as they enter an organism as food or the building blocks of food (i. e. CO2 in plants) and follow those molecules as atoms are rearranged into the molecules used and stored in the body, and as they exit an organism and enter other organisms or the environment. * trace energy as it enters an organism as food or light (photoautotrophs) and should be able to follow the energy as it is converted to different forms (e. . chemical potential energy, heat) and trace energy as it exits an organism and enters another organism or the environment. * Explain body systems as mechanisms for transporting, transforming and conserving matter and energy (Ex. Discuss why temperature regulation is so important in plants and animals, and the costs and benefits of ectothermy and endothermy. )