Paternal Inheritances

Our very existence in this world begins from both maternal and paternal inheritance. Both are very similar in characteristics; however the real difference is only in the gender. The definition of both communicates as; originates either from the mother or the father’s side, motherly or fatherly bonds, received or inherited from ones mother or father, every one of us also has someone in their lives who shows these characteristics but are of no relation.

The majority of women have maternal instincts; which is passed down from mother to daughter. It originates from your mother’s side and will be continued to be passed down in generations to come however if a women was not to have children the can still pass on their maternal instincts on to their nieces and nephews, an adopted child, step children, and even their friends children. Maternal refers to the mother and child bonds, these bonds can form at any time in life. They can last for many years but can also be broken very quickly.

Motherly is a description of maternal, which can mean caring, accepting, embracing, comforting and this is the tip of the iceberg of characteristics that could be mentioned. It’s not only traits that a mother can pass down it’s teachings like cooking and sewing. Paternal originates from you dads side of the family and can be passed down. Not even man will have children but he can still pass on his paternal instincts to the players on the team that they couch, their nephews, and their friend’s children.

The instincts that they can pass on are different than the ones from a female figure. Paternal is also recognized as fatherly. Fatherly can be the knowledge on sports begin passed on and how to play them, and being there for the players. The bond of a father and child is simpler for the son because it can be through watching football every Sunday night, or playing catch in the backyard. On the other hand with the father and daughter bond it may be a bit more complicated because of the different interests between daughters and their fathers.

There are many things that you can receive from paternal such as traits like hair color, eye color, body build. They can also pass on their knowledge, wisdom, and their drive to succeed. We all know someone who’s in our life by choice not by force. These people are the non-maternal and non-paternal friends that aren’t related to you in any way but still show and give the maternal and paternal characteristics.

These are the people, which may be closer than actual family and that you may relay on the most during the good and bad situations in life. We deal everyday with maternal and paternal situations that have helped us become the person we are today. These may originate from the mother’s or the father’s side, including bonding with either mothers or fathers and we can receive or inherit traits from both sides of the family. There are also many non-family relationships that give us the same traits and characteristics.