Peace Conference with Paris after World War I.

The Paris Peace Conference is only one of many conferences throughout the world. This conference was led by not only by just a United States President, but by my blood lines. President Woodrow Wilson is my great, great, great grandfather. He had chosen to lead the delegation of the Peace Conference with Paris after World War I. Woodrow Wilson was also the first President to visit Europe in their term as president of the United States of America. This Paris Peace Conference had been known as another name, the Treaty of Versailles.

This Treaty (Paris Peace Conference) was basically written to finish off, and declare the ending of World War I. This was held not just within Paris, but many countries had been involved, such as Germany, Russia, France, Great Britain, Italy, and the United States. These countries were all given the task of following the treaty to end this “war of all wars”. Although many people in having the basic knowledge of this Treaty, do not realize that this entire war ending Conference takes an entire Process. This process consists of Economists, Geographers, Ethicists, Military Experts, and of course the Ambassadors.

Each person or group of people had their own set of tasks to accomplish during this Conference. The Economists were in charge of all the costs, and payments that may be due. Then the Geographers helped to determine boundaries over each country; this was to be placed in the Treaty. Next the Ethicists, to basically figure out how this war was even started in the first place; then the military experts were in charge of the power given to most people; this included the restrictions and certain regulations. Then the last groups of people are the Ambassadors, they usually hold the speeches and speak their own countries testimonies.

This Paris Peace Conference was not just a sudden agreement either; there was an agreement leading up to the Peace Conference. This was called the Armistice. This was an agreement signed on November eleventh in 1918. This agreed to everyone holding a Peace conference discussing Post-war world. The Paris Peace Conference was held on the 12th of January in 1919. The ending of this Conference was dated to the 20th of January in 1920. There were countries that had their disagreements towards this Treaty, for example Great Britain wanted power over the Seas, but they were not the only ones, also they wanted control over Germany.