peace in Pakistan

Pakistan was founded. Pakistan was built to fulfill the needs of the Muslim community by providing them equality, Justice and freedom. However, soon enough it failed to fulfill the promises it had made to its society thus instability, restlessness and wretchedness reigned throughout the nation. Achievement of peace in Pakistan is actually the desire of every follow Pakistani or at least a huge majority of them. To devise a proper strategy we need to analyze and understand the causes f unrest and chaos in Pakistan.

Factors causing disturbance in Pakistan can be categorized in internal and external factors. Internals factors consist of social, economic, political and administrative whereas external factors are related to regional instability and international so-called war on terror involving Kashmir, Iran, Afghanistan and Baluchistan. For achievement of peace and stability we need to address the huge gap between haves and have not’s. Firstly socially, there seems to be a huge gap between the different classes within the country.

A large majority when sees a small minority enjoying a very luxurious life style they naturally rebel and resort to unlawful activities to become rich overnight. We can say this is a poor vs. rich tension, which disturbs the peace of society in various ways such as crime and law breaking. Secondly, politically, in Karachi different political parties have armed wings. Karachi being the biggest city has greater influence. Respective political leaders protect crimes of members of these gangs.

While political leaders re enjoyingi government position at the same time they are patronizing criminals, murderers, target killers, extortionists and land grabbers. Thirdly, economically, Karachi being port city and major economic hub affects Pakistan. One day of strike and unrest in Karachi costs billion of rupees to national exchequer. Lastly, on the administrative side, law enforcement agencies are plagued by corruption. They are packed with cronies of influential people along with lack of proper training and sufficient resources.

In some cases sources of trouble and unrest outnumber civil law nforcement agencies. Furthermore criminals are able to get relief from tax and justice procedures. They can even intimidate eyewitnesses and thus obstruct dispensation of Justices. This further erodes confidence of public on the prevailing system and thus increases unrest and instability. Therefore, to achieve peace we need to address all these issues immediately. The first step should be to break the vicious cycle of illiteracy, poverty and disease by providing educational and health facilities and equal Job opportunities on merit.

We have to uplift standard of general public through a fair system based on social Justice by educating general public through print and electronic media about the responsibilities and rights of a citizen. Law enforcement agencies need to be revamped by selecting officers and cadres on merit, proper training and equipping them with latest equipment and technology and where necessary paramilitary forces can be used to assist them. A fair and speedy Justice system, which ensures that troublemakers are taken to task without ny delay, should be formed.

Similarly, on the international front we have to get out of Afghan war. We should not allow proxy wars to be fought in our territory. In KPK and Baluchistan political reconciliation is required since administrative measures alone have failed to give desired results. To sum up, peace in Pakistan cannot be achieved in bullet but a set of social, economic, political and administrative system could help our country to gradually move towards the right path and a path towards stability.