Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ

The following are the lists of groups who are classified as cult. The group are divided into 2 groups namely, the Local and the Foreign Cults LOCAL CULTS Local Cults otherwise known as indigenous cults. This refers to the cults of Christianity that are home grown (in the Philippines. They may have similar doctrines with the major cults but managed to formulate their own style of unsound theology. Examples are as follows: * Iglesia ni Cristo (I. N. C. ) – Felix Y. Manalo. Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministries – Wilde Almeda. * Jesus the Name Above Every Name – Apollo Quiboloy. * Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (Fourth Watch) – Arsenio Ferriol. * Members Church of God International (“Ang Dating Daan”) – Eli Soriano. * Shepherd’s Message – Joey Guerrero. * Jesus Christ To God Be the Glory or “Friends Again” (“Oneness”) – Louie R. Santos. * Philippine Benevolent Missionary Association (P. B. M. A. ) – Ruben Ecleo * Tres Persona Solo Dios * Ako Nga – Casiano Nazaire FOREIGN CULTS

This refers to the cults of Christianity that came from outside the Philippine Islands and was brought here by their emissaries to spread their false teachings. Examples are as follows: 1. Alamo Christian Foundation 2. Anthroposophical Society 3. Astara 4. Children of God 5. Christadelphianism 6. Christian Family Fellowship 7. Christian Identity Movement 8. Christian Science 9. Church of Armageddon 10. Divine Light Mission 11. Eckankar 12. Est 13. Foundation of Human Understanding (Roy Masters) 14. Jehovah’s Witnesses 15. Krishna 16.

Life Spring 17. Mormonism 18. Oneness Pentecostal 19. Rosicrucianism 20. Scientology 21. Self Realization Fellowship 22. Silva Mind Control 23. Swedenborgianism 24. The Farm 25. The Unification Church 26. The Way International 27. Theosophy 28. Two by Two’s 29. Transcendental Meditation 30. Unitarian Universalist 31. Unity School of Christianity 32. Urantia 33. Wicca “The Kingdom will start small, but don’t despise small things, for it will soon infect and affect the whole world. And behold, this is happening today. “| – Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy|