Personal Narrative

Compose a 500-600 word Personal Narrative that narrates an event in your life that developed your character. That event should have a clear conflict that you (as the main character) face and from which your character developed. Remember, Just because you face a conflict does not mean that you have to overcome it, you hust had to develop from having faced it. That means you do not have to be a victorious hero, some of the best narratives show development as a result of failure– failure in the conflict does not mean failure in development. Use the screenplay format provided as a mini guide to structuring your paper. Think back to a single event or moment that forced you to see the world differently, then narrate that event focusing on how your character developed. Personal narrations are also arguments which means you should argue how an event changed you after and why. Paper Should: MLA format. Should include a Conflict, Character Development, and structure. (I will provide the Screenplay format sheet which to follow, I will upload it to you) Only 1 main character allowed. Conflict= Character development

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