Play;My Mother Is My Blessed Gift

She has been through a lot in taking care of me since I was still an infant. Right up to now, she has never given up on me and I am sure, a mother never does. In my own eyes, I have always seen my mother as a very special and unique person with a lovely and altruistic soul. As we all know, a mother is every child’s gift and each and every one of us deserves one. No one’s life is ever complete without a mother somewhere throughout their life. In addition to that, I am extremely blessed to have her in mine and I also feel very lucky to have her helping me and supporting me with my studies.

My mother and I are very close. Almost like best friends. We spend nearly every moment of the day together like going shopping, hanging out at the cafe or just at home. Even though I have a really good relationship with my mother, we sometimes have the bitter times. For example, we argued about things we both don’t agree on or I complain when she gives me chores up to my neck. Furthermore, whenever I look at my mum, she is always beautiful in the inside and it makes me go back to memory lane.

I love her with all of my heart and I would never abolish my relationship with my mother. It is very hard for me to express my feelings about her just in words because there is so much to say that’s hard to explain. As long as I understand, I feel overjoyed. Satisfaction never runs out in my life while my mother is still here with me and nothing can ever end it. Not only my mum is very important to me, but I am glorified with full of pleasure because of my mother. Up till now, she still treats me like a new born baby who needs tender love and care.

I guess I’m very blessed by god just to have her. I can verbally and physically testify that she is a glorious mother who had thought us well enough to become mannered whenever we approach at someone’s house because everyone always say we are well mannered and I would tell them why. But my mother just laughs and pats our back. I’m certain that she knows I love her to pieces. I drew a picture of her standing with a background of a house and she had red hair, dress entirely in red, everything in red to the landscape.

It was her favourite colour and I wanted to surprise her with the drawing. She loved it and said I would become a very good artist one day. I felt really proud when she said it. Usually everyone classifies a mother as someone who only does housework. But to me, that is a typical stereotyped mother. My mother is different in a way where she can do multiple tasks at one time, cooks, cleans up the house and most important of all, she has time to spend with her family. Although she is frequently working and going out of station, but she still makes an effort for it.

Overall, I respect my mother in every way and manner and I can’t figure out a solution to how I can repay her with all her blessings upon me and everything she has given up for me. Besides that, I have and will cherish the memories in my heart whether it’s the past or the future. I promise I will never mess up my chance while I have her in my life because once you screw up, you can never turn back. And I mean what I have said. I love you, mum and thank you for all you have done for me.