play;The Lost Girl

Declamation by dhang I am a girl, young in heart and in mind… I am carefree, I enjoy doing nothing but play,play and play… I seldom go to school but hmp! nobody cares! Instead,you will see me roaming around standing at the nearby canto, or hanging around at the sari-sari store standing beside the jukebox stand… One day I asked I asked my mother to teach me how to behave, to live, and appreciate all the beautiful things in life. Would you like to know what she told me?

She said… ” Can’t you see, I have to hurry up for my majong session! ” So I turned to my father to console me. But what a wonderful word he did tell me… ” Child, I have to finish my overtime work…Here’s 500 pesos, go and ask your teacher about that question…” Sadly,I attended my class… But I heard nothing but the echoing voice of my teacher,torturing me with her words… ” Hey yo lazy girl! Why waste your time studying those things? When up to now you can’t even multiply seven by nine?

Go home and don’t bother me!!! ” I am lost…confused…I don’t know what to do with myself… Where are my parents to guide me? My teachers to give me inspirations? My friends, when I play? I’m lazy and irresponsible. When I try to study, I get punished for not being able to answer. Where now…I’m confused… Somebody, please help me… You say that the world is beautiful, why is it treating me this way? Hear me please! Help me please! Help me… I am lost…