Poem;Beatrice as a quitter

Who is a quitter, camper and climber? Beatrice is a quitter. ?A Quitter refers to people who choose to opt out, cop out, back out, and drop out. Quitters abandon the climb. They refuse the opportunity the mountain presents. They ignore, mask, or desert their core human drive to ascend and with it much of what life offers. ?Similarly, instead of working hard, Beatrice chooses to opt out, and give up on her life. Evidences: 1. P: gave up her dream of being a dancer E: “did you know what I’d be now if it wasn’t for this mud pool I was sucked into? I’d probably be a dance.

Ms Betty Frank, The Best Dance of Class 19…” I: instead of working hard and trying to step out of this mud pool, she gave up. 2. P: Beatrice claims that she had made a mistake but she does not attempt to make it up to herself and strive for a better future. E: “One mistake. That’s how it starts. Marry the wrong man and before you know it he’s got you tied down with two stones around you neck for the rest of your life. ” (32) 3. P: Beatrice gave up dancing without even trying hard enough to get back those dancing legs. E: “Before I knew what happened I lost my dancing legs and got varicose legs.

Beautiful varicose legs. Do you know, everything I ever thought I’d be has exploded! ” (33) Ruth is a camper. ?Climbers are people that only go so far. Weary of the climb, they terminate their ascent and find a smooth, comfortable plateau on which to hide from adversity. And there, they choose to sit out their remaining years. ?Campers, unlike quitters, have at least taken on the challenge of the ascent. They have gained some ground. ?Similarly, Ruth stops self-improving or trying hard to succeed and chooses to stay put. Evidences: 1. P: when ruth sees that the house is in a mess, she did not bother to do anything about it.