Potential Analysis Services to organizations

market opportunity Analysis. Market Equations offers Market Opportunity and Potential Analysis Services to organizations globally to help them expand and enter potential markets through new or existing products or services by exploring and exploiting the available opportunity. Market Opportunity Analysis services are customized and presented to companies who are aggressive and want to maintain the lead by exploiting every opportunity at hand before the competition gets to it. The business environment is changing rapidly and everybody wants a piece of the pie.

Further, companies are fiercely competing for the greater piece of the pie by expanding aggressively beyond their current geographies, exploring virgin and new markets, forming joint ventures etc. You may discover that Global companies are offering better and cheaper products due to advantages of scale but on the other hand you may have built a level of dependence with your current market, you are losing on profit opportunities in other larger markets, you want to grow but your market is exhausted.

Market Equations may have the answer to all these questions keeping you in touch with your market and helping you exploit any minute detail available. Our Approach: Plan – The most important part of Research is planning. There is an objective and an end result which needs to be linked at each step to achieve the desired results. Timetable – With millions of available sources to choose from a researcher may get bombarded with a lot of information that may not be required. The plan needs to be finalized with the required timetable with milestones.

Record and Validate – Every bit of information collected needs to be recorded, evaluated and validated. This is the most important step ensuring credibility of the data collected and ensures the research is on track. Integrate – All the information needs to be arranged and integrated to logically link topics together to ensure the research objective is met as per the plan document. Present – The data needs to be presented in a format that is visually appealing to the end reader. Fonts, Content placement, Reading styles, Colors etc need special attention and confirmation before submission.

Our Solutions backed by our tested approach to transform Business Objectives to decisions have helped many organizations stay ahead. Write to us and find out more. Techniques: The Right Search Strategy – words, sentences, arrangements, rearrangements, Boolean logic etc The Choice of Search Engines – Google may provide more relevant sources than Yahoo or vice versa Play with a Different Search Logic – Continuously explore and try new search logic to reach the required result. Paid Databases – Databases have a huge success ratio compared to freely available online sources.

The accesses to databases such as Factiva, Hoovers, One source etc are highly recommended by expert desk researchers. Although subscriptions may add another cost element it is considered to be highly reliable and time saving compared to free sources. Monitor Progress – Continuously monitor search strategies and links to results and combine successes to achieve desired results. Useful Sources of Information: Company Websites | Government Sources | Trade Associations | Academic Institutions | News Stands/Press | Specialized websites – Expert Opinions | Online libraries/directories/encyclopedias | Databases | Blogs by topic/User