“precision-cut steel reinforcement bar on toyota

They have concluded that a “precision-cut steel reinforcement bar” (Consumer FAQ, 2010) needs to be installed on the pedal for it to eliminate any unnecessary friction that is causing the pedals to stick. Toyota is ensuring that the installation of the steel reinforcement bar is a permanent fix and will eliminate the tension between the two surfaces and the pedals will no longer stick. Toyota has also done the following to reach their customers and take care of the recall issue: 1 . They have mailed letters to all owners of vehicles involved in the recall.

The letter contains specific instructions on what to do to get their vehicles fixed. 2. Many Toyota dealerships have extended their service hours in order to meet the needs of the consumers. 3. Within those dealerships they are working to improve customer relations by expediting repairs, offering free car washes, oil changes and follow up maintenance service. 4. In order to support its dealerships Toyota has provided financial help to cover any additional costs related to the recalls. All with the end consumer in mind.

They want their customers to be able to resolve the issue as quickly and conveniently as possible. 5. Toyota has put together informational videos, campaigns and press releases describing the problem and advising their customers of the risks associated with the recall and advising them of quick a solution. 6. They are working closely with CTS on future manufacturing processes to avoid any additional problems.

Overall, yes I think Toyota is handling the problem to the best of their ability and ssues and are guaranteeing that their simple fix to their poor design is a permanent fix. They are working with CTS to improve the design and future manufacturing practices for their parts. They are supporting their dealerships, doing what they can to keep the customers involved and informed of new findings. They are putting their customers first. I do think their efforts are limited; they can only fix so many cars at a time, I believe Toyota will be more selective on who they choose to manufacture their parts from now on.

Like the old saying says “you live you learn” Toyota was focused n becoming the number one automaker in the world and once it obtained the title it may have forgotten why they became the number one automaker in the world, which was quality. In my opinion they are handling the problem with class and integrity. Once you fall all you can do is get up and keep walking and that is exactly what Toyota is doing. This recall only affected 8 of their Toyota models, not any others or other lines such as their Lexus brand or their scion.