Productions and Operations Managment

It was started in 2009, the time he was back home from abroad practicing his profession, when he was encouraged by his neighbors that raising ducks is something that will be enjoyable and profitable. After being convinced, Mr. Tapang considered many factors and information regarding duck poultry business such as the right feeds for them, specific surrounding suitable for this business and proper handling of eggs. He built poultry in his backyard located at 278 Salvador St. Balatong B, Pulilan, Bulacan and bought 150 6-month old ducks to start the business.

He started feeding them with the duck layer pellet and just within a month, he started picking eggs all around the poultry farm. From then on, he gradually added more ducks in the farm. Its main product is the eggs produced by the ducks and the by-product is the duck itself which is disposed when the owner assumes that it can no longer lay eggs regularly. By now, Mr. Tapang is making up his mind whether to raise one-month old ducklings or to put up investments on making salted eggs and balot. SWOT Analysis STRENGTH CMK is the only duck poultry in their vicinity which consistently feeds heir ducks the right amount of duck layer pellet necessary for egg production, since Mr. Tapang is financially capable. On the other hand, duck meat is almost the same as chicken meat yet it costs much cheaper. Duck eggs and meat are as nutritious as chickens’. WEAKNESS Within the market, chicken meat and eggs have higher demand than ducks’ since they are more popular to the target market. Further, though they have the best eggs, they cannot set a high price because it depends on the market price of duck eggs within the season.

Economically speaking, when the supply of eggs drops due to weather disturbances, the price increases and if the supply is high, the price decreases. OPPORTUNITIES Investing on duck poultry opens opportunities on salted egg and balot making business. Making salted and balot eggs are at maturity for they are convenient food for consumers. THREATS During rainy seasons, egg laying capacity of ducks decrease because of the disturbances. So within this season, the income generated from the poultry is at risk. Since Mr.

Tapang is a beginner, some competitors have edge and mastered some procedures regarding egg laying issues. Mission To provide quality fresh duck eggs to consumers. Environmental Scanning * Economic Trends – the pricing of the eggs depends upon the market value of the eggs such as when there is recession to egg industry during rainy seasons. * Social Trends – since the business was started during 2009, it was not affected by the bird flu issue. Core Competencies * Market Understanding – since the owner is business-minded, he studied with dedication how to raise ducks and to satisfy his target market. Financial know-how – Mr. Tapang knows how to stay in the business by assessing whether his ducks are still capable of giving him profit or just breaking-even. Competitive Priorities The business competes on quality. The owner gives quality duck layer pellet in order for the duck to lay quality eggs during the night. He also ensures that the ducks are given pellets on time and are given molasses to cure and prevent colds. He puts 5-watt bulb in the farm to prevent the ducks from nervousness due to noise of the surroundings. Likewise, fresh water snails are given to ducks every other day.

These snails are rich in calcium that increases egg production and hardening of egg shells. The Need for Trade-Offs CMK duck poultry focuses only in the quality of the eggs produced by their ducks through ensuring the quality of inputs. Because of that, they have the need to trade off the other competitive priorities. First is the time. They need to trade off the time since the nature of their process selection depends upon the biological aspect of the ducks. Next is the flexibility. The nature of their business can only produce one product which is a barrier to being flexible.

Lastly is the cost. Since the market dictates the value of their product, they cannot control it. Order Qualifier In order to be qualified in this kind of business, one needs to have enough space which can hold the desired number of ducks to be raised. He should also have sufficient capital to be capable of buying duck pellets. Lastly, one should know how to take proper care to ducks because they are the most important asset of this business. Order Winner Quality of the eggs produced by their ducks is the order winner of CMK duck poultry.