project’s management systems,

300 Words each

1) Is Terry Being Blamed Unfairly?

Terry was recently promoted to supervisor. Things were not going as smoothly as they should. In the past few days it seemed that the manager of the division was being unreasonable. She had talked to Terry about the performance of the work unit. There had been a customer complaint last week about the slowness of service. There were also a few gripes from employees about the way he treated them. Although he felt bad, he did not think he was really responsible for either situation. After all, at the time the complaining customer requested service they were very busy. And the gripes, well, you know, they just liked to complain. What could he do about that? But since he wanted to succeed, Terry has asked you to help him out.

Should Terry be held accountable for the customer complaint and employee gripes? Why or why not?

2) What forms does quality take in a fast-food restaurant? That is what aspects of the food, service, atmosphere and so on do you consider to be

acceptable in terms of quality, and what would exceed your expectations?

3) In the company where you work, do you belong to a group or a committee? If yes, did you choose to join the group or committee, or were you assigned to it? Discuss how you feel about it.

4) How would you train and motivate employees, and minimize tardiness, absenteeism, and turnover?

5) Stan Anderson supervises the kitchen staff at a large camp. Stan also has responsibility for other departments and has appointed Ron as the head cook and team leader. Ron seems to be having trouble with other employees who work in the kitchen. One of the employees was especially unhappy with the way things were going. There are four employees who assist with the cooking and one who makes the salads. All employees are responsible for clean up. There are an additional four part-time employees who only do dishes and other clean-up jobs.

Ron makes it a habit of telling each of the cooks that they can take one day off during the week in addition to the weekend. Like the other employees, Linda gets all of the difficult jobs. Ron is irritated with Linda because she answers back to him. He also thinks that she intentionally created trouble for him on the first day of the camp.

Today, Linda is really mad at Ron. He had forgotten to order tomatoes for the casserole and he tried to blame her even though it is his job to take care of the ordering. She decided to file a formal complaint with Stan and threatened to quit if Ron isn’t fair toward her.

Cooks are hard to find during summer, especially after the season begins. What would you advise Stan to do?

Are there any ethical issues here? Who is unethical?