Provinces of the Philippines and Spanish Influence Origin

A dance performed by lovely young ladies carrying scented fans and flirts with young men with canes and straw hats. Ladies dances their way to the heart of the men they desire through the use of a fan. Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) * BANOG TYPE: Cordillera Dance ORIGIN: Ifugao This dance depicts hunters protecting their hen and chicks in Binaylan from a hungry hawk. The hunters trap the hawk and kill it in the end. Cordillera Dance ORIGIN: Benguet This is a circle dance, which is being performed to celebrate the arrival of successfulheadhunters. It is also popularly known as Bendian.

Lubuagan, Kalingga The homecoming of triumphant head hunters after a successful kayaw of headhunting, done to avenge the death or evil done to a family member or relative is celebrated with the playing of special gongs called gangsa. The minger or successful warriors are honoured by their female relatives with gift of feather of lawi,beads or bongon and colorful g-string s called ba-ag. Victory songs are sung by the by the villagers while the minger dance with closed fists while the bodan or the unsuccessful members of the headhunting group are demoted to playing the gangsas.