Assignment Topic: Intellectual Disability State: An IQ test is used for several reasons, even to determine if an individual ha intellectual disability. Intellectual disability (also known as mental retardation), is a condition in which a person’s behavioral and cognitive skills exist at an earlier development stage, developmentally delayed. Elaborate: In other words, there are individuals that are taking longer to develop. They are developmentally delayed, meaning that their behavioral and cognitive skills exit at an earlier developmental stage than the skills of others who are the same hronological age.

Without all the technical terms, basically these individuals have a harder time to develop and get involve in things any other individual would do, because they depend on someone else and most of the time they cannot live independently. To determine who has intellectual disability they must have an IQ lower than 70, adaptive behavior skills are low, and limitations presented by age 10. Exemplify: For example, when we were all in high school there were a few students who had their specials needs.

They received the same opportunities as us, but also ould have their own special class to help them out with their disabilities. Most of the individuals had a staff with them at all times because they were not able to do things on their own. Illustrate: part 2: Partner 1 Name: I learned from about Ideal Self. Ideal Self is basically when someone is influenced by someone else and they try to become them. His example was perfect on how children see an athlete and they want to become Just like them because of how good they are, according to the child. I mentioned to about a different example on how I saw it.

Children like superheroes when they are young and IVe seen this frequently when a child wants to become Spiderman, Batman, etc… Partner 2 Name: – I learned from about the Latency stage. He explains to me that this stage is when children don’t pay attention to opposite sex. Once he said that I thought about when I was young we used to say boys had cooties and girls had cooties. In the end that is what meant. His example made me laugh but it is true, when they are young they don’t getting touched by the opposite sex. Topic Assignment-Psychology By eli_shorty