public health perspective

  • Identify gaps in patient experiences.


    One of the gaps I identified during her clinical rotation was the use of government guidelines to provide the right diagnosis and treatment. When patients have multiple comorbidities it is essential to consider all of the different diseases’ pathophysiology and how to apply evidence based practice in order to provide the right treatment plan. For the next 4 courses, I intend to do more research on practice guidelines and up to date evidence to best support the decisions when creating the care for the patients. In addition, I plan to design patient centered care models and treatment plans using the best available scientific evidence. Finally, I plan to enhance and continue my education reading up to dates medical and nursing journals.


    Discuss progression in clinical.

    During this rotation I was exposed to a large volume and variety of clinical experiences, learning in authentic clinical settings, self-directed learning, and the provision of a supportive environment that included expertise supervision and guidance (AlHaqwi & Taha, 2015). During this rotation I feel very fulfilled, as I was able to improve skills such as physical assessment, critical thinking, evaluation of evidence, and critical decision-making. All of the goals planed for this rotation were successfully achieved