radio communications between individuals

Hasselstrom was Justified for her need to own a gun as she wanted to be rotected, safe and have a peace of mind. Desire to be protected Justified Hasselstrom to get a gun; however, she considered other means of protection first. To begin with, Hasselstrom used improvised means for protection. For example, she had her own “gun” (spray cans of deodorant) which did not have to be registered. However, one night while camping, the author and her friend, harassed by two young men, decided not to tempt fate and use their “improvised mace”, but simply leave the camping area.

When improvised means of protection did not work, Hasselstrom onsidered another option- a citizens band radio, a system of short-distance radio communications between individuals which does not require a license. However, she rejected this method of protection providing an example of a woman who got beaten and raped using a CB radio to get help with a flat tire. The last method Hasselstrom considered as a mean of protection was self-defense. For her, kung fu class was a smart decision because on the top of her self-preservation, her height and weight did not give her any benefit.

Therefore, looking for protection, Hasselstrom provided the eaders with Justified steps she took prior to the extreme measure of protection- a Also, the author was well-grounded for her need of a gun because she gun. wanted safety. Firstly, she did not feel safe on her land. While Hasselstrom lived on a ranch in secluded area 25 miles from the nearest town, she, somehow, managed to have uninvited guests on her property. For example, one day she noticed an armed man on her land who wanted to shoot ducks.

As a result, she could not feel safe even on her territory. Secondly, as the author was vulnerable even while driving her car, her possession of a gun was reasonable. Hasselstrom provides the readers with examples to prove her right. In one of the examples, an unknown car was following her on her way home, and made her stop by flashing a blinding spotlight in her face. Another example depicts a man who was playing cat-and-mouse with Hasselstrom within 30 miles when she was driving in a desolate part of Wyoming.

Thirdly, the fact that Hasselstrom did not feel safe even in public places Justified her to own a gun. She provided an example of her and her friend being harassed and scared by men while camping in the West. Moreover, looking for some help from the local rangers, he had to face with their carelessness and unwillingness to protect and help. In addition to Hasselstrom’s desire of protection and safety, there is a desire of peace she was looking for which Justified her to possess a weapon.

First of all, she could not get a peace ot mind being harassed on a daily basis. Whether sne was among people or on her property, she faced acts of harassment or danger which took her further away from a peace she was searching for. Then, she could not find a peace of mind if she was constantly stressed out, suspicious and scared about everything. One day the author found deep tire ruts in her yard and garbage in her driveway. More likely, that fact would lead a person like her to suspect that someone unfriendly had an intention to hurt or do her harm.

Third of all, Hasselstrom lived in the environment where women did not stand much for a chance of not being harassed. Men in her area worried her, and their harassment would not stop until stronger measures were taken. However, Hasselstrom did not want to be either daily harassed, be another victim of rape or permanently stressed out and scared. Threfore, she believed that having a gun handy would lead her to a peace of mind she was looking for.

In conclusion, relying on Hasselstrom’s examples provided in the article, she was Justified for her need to own a gun. She had no choice but to use it in dangerous situations to protect herself. When used responsibly, women in the same situation as the author would live protected, safe and with peace of mind they desire. What Hasselstrom’s message was in this article is that no one, man or woman, should live in fear. And in her situation, owning a gun gave her that security.