real-life situations

By letting them experience real-life situations, they are able to practice to act the proper way when they deal with this scenario in the future. They will learn to evaluate more the situation rather than taking actions carelessly. The steps are similar to the one in the module. A. 2 How are you going to apply to yourself the core values of Mapua? Explain. Firstly, I will attend all my classes regularly. Then I’ll always listen to the words of wisdom of the Professors. I’ll do my assignments honestly. I’ll study hard and avoid drugs, bad vices and etc.

Also, by doing my very best to every task that is given. And by preserving and nurturing my relationship with God. B. Chapter 7 : Industry and Entrepreneurship B. 1 As a student, how can you make a difference in the lives of other people especially those who are less fortunate? The most effective thing that I can do to help them now is study hard. By studying hard, we can look for a job and earn money. By earning salary, I can pay my tax and let the gov’t help the people. If I can also earn lots of profits, then I can contribute to projects like constructions of schools and ospitals for them. But as a student, I can participate in community services like teaching ways on how they can live they life to the fullest (bible study). B. 2 If you are one of the successful businessman, what would be your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)? If I were to be one, then I will construct facilities like schools, hospitals and etc. By providing jobs in the place, I’ll improve the lives of the people. Another is by teaching the people to stop burning their garbage because it can affect the environment. Also, by conducting projects like tree planting, and recycling.

C. Chapter 8 : Care for Health C. 1 What are the government programs to help in the malnutrition problem among Filipino children? Enumerate & explain. One example of this is the Food Assistance Program in the Philippines. Based on my research, the Philippine Food Assistance Program reportedly reaches an average of 1. 3 million preschoolers, 1. 2M schoolchildren and 0. 3M pregnant and lactating women annually. C. 2 What other effective health care programs (including ways to implement) can you suggest to help lessen the malnutrition rates in our country?

Give at least two (2). I would like to implement the regular checkups on different barangays here in the Philippines. It is the same as in the “Salamat Dok” show in the television in which they conduct medical check-ups for persons and giving away free eyeglasses for persons who have problems in their sight. They also give free skin care products like whitening soaps and medicines and supplements like Liveraide, etc. For the malnutrition part, I would like to the feeding program for the children so it can help decrease malnutrition in country even for just a bit. D.

Chapter 9 : Environment D. 1 In your own words, what is climate change and its effects on the planet? Climate change is the changing of the average temperature of earth into a hotter state. This is due to the greenhouse gases like too much carbon dioxide in the air, carbon monoxide and others that prevent the heat from escaping the earth. There are many destructive consequences of it such as devastating floods, typhoons and extreme weather conditions. It also melts the ice and glaciers in the world causing the world to be a hotter place and an increase level of sea water.

D. 2 How humans were changing the planets’ climate through emission of greenhouse gases? One of the primary reasons is too much pollution in the air. These are caused by the factories that burn coal to produce electricity. Another is the burning of gasoline by automobiles releasing harmful toxins in the atmosphere and other types of air pollution that contribute to global climate change. Since the world is becoming full of greenhouse gases, the heat coming from the sun won’t exit the earth anymore thanks to these.