Reality Tv series research paper

Keeping up with the Kardashians The reality TV series Keeping up with the Kardashians is about a family of 8 who got famous because of their late dad/ex-husband Robert Kardashian who was a famous lawyer. Later on the mother of the family Kris Jenner married olympic games winner Bruce Jenner, they now have 2 kids together, Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Kris had 4 kids from her previous marriage to Robert, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Robert Jr. The 6 kids has also by themselves established sucsessful carrers such as models, designers, business men and entreprenuers etc.

The family has become more and more famous n the media and out with the years, but what really was the breakout for the family was when one of the daughters, Kim, had a sex tape that got out in the media and made headlines all over the world. More so after this incident the family has been a media favorite. Basically the show is about this family and their daily life and activities, everything from their working scenes to birthday parties and marriges. In this particular episode they start off by talking a bit about Robert Jr’s overweight issues and how media has bashed him about it.

Later on in the episode Bruces other on Brody, from a previous marriage, tells that he and Bruce has had issue in the past with their relationship and that the feels that he doesent know his father at all. The main plot of the episode is that late Robert Kardashians widdow is now claiming that the mother Kris has beaten and abused her children ever since they were toddlers and the widdow is selling different kinds of stories to the media about it. There are various of family members or characters in this reality series but the main ones are Bruce Jenner: who is the “father” according to Propp ‘s 8 character roles.

Bruce is a concervative man and hates when the family uses bad language or behave inapropriate. Kris Jenner: the “donor”, the mother, has made all of this possible, she is the executive producer of the show and also the mother of all of the childrend. You can call her the backbone of the family. Kourtney Kardashian: is a calm but very sarcastic and spontaneous person. She likes so be funny and act silly but in a very calm manner. Her character would be the false hero.

Kim Kardashian: Kim is the princess of the show, the reasons are because she is the favorite daughter according o Kris and she is also the most famous one and she is the center of the attention. Khloe Kardashian: she is the villian of the show and that is because she is far from being conservative, she says whatever come’s to her mind and she can act crazy and just be herself all the time. Robert Kardashian Jr: is a special character. He has different personalities, sometimes he is funny, humouristic and sarcastic but at other times he can be mad at the world and evil.

According to Propps character, Robert would also be the false hero. This show is a typical open narrative show because the rama and events go from episode to episode. the show relies alot on the drama and conflicts between family members and others, because thats what the show is about, without the drama and conflicts there wouldent be anything fun to watch. And since the drama and conflicts are the main reason for the show they tend to exaggerate of scenes to magnify what is not really that big of an issue to begin with.

There are 2 major binary oppositiones in this show and that is between the mother Kris and the father Bruce, and between the sisters Kim and Khloe. The first one is that Kris is very pen and crazy she can act a bit childish sometimes for example when she “teepeed” Kims house, she acts sometimes as one of the sisters and not like a mother. The complete opposite is the father Bruce, he is a conservative and old fashioned man who is reserved and do not act wild in any way. He does not like it when people act innapropriate or use bad language and bad behavior.

This is a major binary opposition for the show, because the contrast between these 2 are huge and you could think “how come that they are married but so different from each other” and that is also what makes good TV when a show has totally different characters. The second binary opposition is the sisters Kim and Khloe. Khloe is very wild and crazy, she acts however she wants, says whatever she wants and is always herself. She likes to do outrageous things and be funny. On the other hand we have Kim who is more introverted, personality-lacking and boring.

She tries to be perfect and that in a TV perspective translates as boring. Binary oppositiones are very important to a show like this because it gives you variety and also contrast between certin people. It would be very boring to watch a show where everyone it quiet, shy and likes to be by hemselves, and also the same with the complete opposite. People like variety and also different kinds of characters. Consequenses that people think about while watching the show is that money is everything.

The family lives a very lavish life they have a lot of money and spends alot of money, this can portray that money is everything and that you have to have money to live a similar lifestyle that they do. Another very negative impact that the show has is that people look at them and think that looks and appearence is whats important in life and that you should strive to be s beautiful and thin as possible. They market looks alot, like when they sit for hours in a makeup and hair chair, when they buy 75. 00 $ earrings, or when Kanye West sends a whole racket of new chlothes because he thinks Kim has a bad clothing style. They are indirectly conveying that you can buy beauty and that whats on the outside is whats important. This, espesially to younger girls (but also older women), can be problematic because they think that they have to look as good as one of the sisters and be thin to become something in life. They can start to believe that money and ame is what you should strive for in order to be sucsessful. The family prioritize image infront of everything.

For example one time Kris told Khloe indirectly that she is ruining their empire and image from being too fat. This can translate for audience members as being the norm and okay to say to your daughter. The mother here basically is priotitizing their image infront of her daughters health and feelings. Furthermore they show their lives as being the ideal life and that what they do is the norm. One example is that they have no privacy in their lives, everything that is their business is also the worlds business.

People can start assuming that if you let everything out in the public for everyone to see, and spreading your sex tapes, that that is normal and is how you should live.