Recycling Sustainability

Recycling is a major part of our society. It is something that we as American citizens do daily without thinking twice about it. That is one of the main reasons I chose to write this paper on Recycling sustainability. The role of recycling to preserving our environment and to live in a sustainable way is a lot more important than many people think it is. One of the main reasons I chose to write this paper on recycling is because it is a major part of our everyday lives and it is something that most people and businesses do.

As many people think they are helping by recycling, (do not get me wrong, it is a major help to our environment) they do not understand that it has major negative effects on the environment. Recycling is said to be the basis for sustainability. At the rate that we are consuming natural resources, and releasing harmful toxins into our air, we will eventually run out and wipe out all living beings off the face of the earth. In researching this topic, I hope to find out more on all possible ways we as a community can come together and do as much as we can to limit the amount of resources we use and toxins.

I hope to come up with a plan that will actually make a difference. Yes, one person recycling can help, but it is truly not enough to turn this planet around. I will also be looking into what companies like Petsmart and Disney are doing to operate their businesses in a sustainable way. The “Going Green” program is another way we can all contribute to making our environment safer and more sustainable. Although I can think of many solutions to this problem, while doing my research, I will find many cons to these solutions.

I intend to find the best possible solution and explain in great detail how we can save our planet from becoming extinct, even if the best possible solution has a few negative effects, doing something to prevent our environment from a national disaster is better than doing nothing at all. Americans Cultural Practices and Social Policies (Micro- Level) Most Americans recycle every day and talk about ways to improve the environment. Most Americans are all about doing what is best for our environment and our health. I believe that it is in America’s best interest to save our planet and protect our air, which in return protects our health.