Reflective essay;“In the compound republic of America,

James Madison, Federalist Paper #51, 1788 “In the compound republic of America, the power surrendered by the people is first divided between two distinct governments, and the portion allotted to each subdivided among distinct and separate governments, Hence a double security rises to the rights of the people.

The different governments will each control each other, at the same ume that each will be controlled by Itself. ” Note: Madison’s Idea of division of power between central and state governments is known as Federalism, Specific power divisions can be seen in the chart below. Document Analysis 1. A “compound” is something made of two or more pieces. What are the two pieces that make up Madison’s compound government? The central/national government and the state governments 2. What word ending in “ism” is another word for this kind ot compound government?

Federalism . How does this compound government provide “double security’ to the people? The central and state governments will check each other’s power. Also, the branches within each level of government will provide checks and balances. 4. Using the chart above, can you see a pattern In the types of power the Constitution reserved for the State governments? States seem to have power over the more local and personal issues (school. marriages… ). These personal liberties were too important for the framers to put into the hands of the national government.

Governments closer to the people (the state overnments) would be more in tune with the feelings and cultures of their arem 5. How does federalism guard against tyranny? By distributing certain powers between the central government and the states neither could tyrannize (gain absolute power) over the nation or the nation’s people. Document