Renaissance Drama in England

Medieval and Renaissance Drama in England Series Description Medieval and Renaissance Drama in England is an international volume published annually. Each volume contains essays and studies by critics and cultural historians from both hemispheres as well as substantial reviews of books and essays dealing with medieval and early modern English drama. The journal was founded in 1984, and since then well over four hundred articles, review essays, and book reviews have appeared on its pages.

The topics addressed have ranged from local drama in the Shrewsbury borough records to the Cornish Mermaid in the Ordinalia; from studies of windows and walls in the Elizabethan public playhouses to the spectators who stood within the walls of various theaters and the owners who built them; from the early and modern staging of a wide spectrum of plays to bearbaiting and related entertainments during the Jacobethan era.

The journal is committed to the publication of a wide range of views and to an equally wide range of the drama and its contexts prior to 1642. An international board of leading scholars and cultural historians maintains the quality of each annual volume, so Medieval and Renaissance Drama in England can be relied upon as a useful source for all students of early English drama for directors, teachers, and actors, as well as for specialists in college and university study.

Readers who wish to deepen their understanding of this drama will find in each volume wide-ranging discussions of topics such as music, politics, aesthetics, philosophy, painting, and the questions of material culture, as these matters apply to the interpretation of drama as cultural production. Source : Fairleigh Dickinson University. Link : http://inside. fdu. edu/fdupress/070819mardie. html