Research: Its Significance to Nursing Practice

Its Significance to Nursing Practice I guess the greatest reason (I could think) why we are studying Research today is that someday as a Nursing Practitioner we are not only going to stare at the walls of our hospitals and scratch the bottom of our multi-colored (red, blue, black and green) pen in our heads whenever there are significant problems happening around our future working environment, those problems that are causing bad effects to our profession and to the kind of care we will be giving our future clients.

Personally, I think I could be more confident someday if I become one of those practitioners who can start a research project for my institution or for the society. Not that I will be a wonder woman who can actually answer (through researching) all the problems my future hospital will have to ask, but knowing within myself that I have a certain way and capability to look for a solution whenever a problem may arise in my institution, makes me feel confident and honored.

I can be confident that I could be a part of something small (but helpful) for my society. It’s amazing that our health care are improving and innovating because there are someone and somebody who are spontaneously studying what could bring good and bad effects in our plan of care as nurses. Imagine the lives of our ancestors in 1950s; imagine what kind of education our Nurses during those moments are trying to put on their heads? Researching is the formal and systematic way to prove our intervention is effective.

If people like Nightingale (and other researchers whom I can’t retain in my head) didn’t research the way they do, maybe by now we are just under the corner of our nursing station talking our way to sanity of what task should be done. Should we do this, should we do that or shouldn’t we? Although some nursing intervention can be easily rationalized through common senses and critical thinking skills, researches helps us improve our obligation for a better kind of care.

Why should we scrub our hands like this? And why babies who are breastfed have more advantage than those babies who are not? Strong evidences from rigorous studies are things that guide us nurses and future nursing practitioner to decide and act rationally. We need to specify our nursing actions and decisions on evidence and supports so that we will know that our actions are clinically appropriate, and that it is effective, and that it will give positive outcome for our clients. Now I know that ationalizations from the content of procedures found in our lecture and return demonstration are published for a reason and that is not just written, it has basis. We could always hear that our school givse high-quality kind of education for its students, well that’s what researching can be about. It is a non-stop and spontaneous study of how to improve care inside and outside the hospital, to reach a high-quality level of care to individuals, family and community. The primary reason for conducting nursing research is to foster optimum care or clients.