Respect and Patriotism

Patriotism is kind of strong passion which inspires one to serve one·s country. As one part from the society in Malaysia, we should always show loyalty and gratitude to our country. However, in Malaysia,does the people really love or respect the country? Based on the facts in Malaysia,newspapers and television news broadcasts have been full of calls by government ministers and officials for greater patriotism in the country. Malaysians, it seems, do not love Malaysia enough. Regarding this important issue,they are some certain parties playing main roles to overcome it.

First and foremost,government always plays the most important part to handle this problem. Government will choose randomly to decide who are going to undergo the three months ‘National Service’ course. Through this program,the generation will have the opportunity to mix with different generation which came from vary races, religious and culture background. By going through the National Service course,the young citizens will have a better and deeper knowledge and eventually they will respect others people customs.

Thus by respecting the uniqueness of every culture, this helps us promote racial solidarity and enhance national unity. Other than that,schools are always said to be the ¶second home· for pupils. Therefore,school must do something in order to promote the spirit of patriotism among Malaysian generation. For example, school scan organize certain camps or campaigns which help to improve the self-conscious among students relating to the importance of showing patriotism to their country. Besides that,school must ensure that there will be a singing session for ‘Negaraku’ during assembly.

Although it was a simple action,however it would be a great way to show our devotion to Malaysia. During the week before the National Day,school can take the chance to held several activities,such as drawing ‘Jalur Gemilang’ competition,class decoration with the topic of patriotism,essay writing competition and so on. Last but not least,parents· responsibility on this issue are the most important. Parents were the one who have the biggest affect to their children as they have the most time to spend them.

Therefore,parents should teach their children about the concept of patriotism and accompany them to practice it since they were young. Take for example,they can send their children to ‘Sekolah Wawasan’ or ‘Vision Schools’ where they can mix with all races, join multiracial community activities and others. Hence, by educating the younger patriotism, we are ensuring that national unity will continue to exist in the future. In a nutshell,our country will be more prosperous if everyone of us are willing to play inactive role to be more patriotism.