responsibility and humor

It is so outstanding because it is the only developed country in the Asia. It has many strongpoints which other countries should learn from it. However, just like an old English proverb saying-there is no perfect thing in the world. Even though Japan is a very strong country, it still has many aspects which should be improved.

In my opinion, there are three values which would help make Japan a better country. They are open-minded, responsibility and humor. First is open-minded. Although Japan has been influenced a lot by western culture, most people still stick to the conservative concept-female should stay at home, not go outside to work. In 2007, Japan’s GEM(United Nations Development Program’s Gender Empowerment Measure, which gauges equality by tracking woman’s participation in politics and business) was ranked 54th out of 93 countries.

Japanese should be open-minded and encourage female to work. If female work, their talent and education can be best made use of. What is more, since males and females are complementary in many aspects, their cooperations with males can propel economic development more effectively. Second is responsibility. According to a survey conducted by Japanese Youth Institute, about 59. 7% American teenagers and 46. 9% Chinese teenagers can be responsible for themselves, but for Japanese teenagers, only 25. %. Because of the lack of responsibility, they do not care about anything, no matter their families or their country; when they meet problems, what they think is not how to solve them, but how to put off their liabilities. We can imagine what awful situation Japan will be if one day this generation takes over it. How can the people without responsibilities be able to develop a country? Therefore responsibility is a very important value if Japan wants to improve. The third one is humor.

As we all know, Japan is a country with the highest suicide rate. There are very severe competitions in Japan and Japanese live in a fast-tempo lifestyle. They’re under much pressure everyday and these pressure lead to suicide. So how to relieve pressure is very crucial. According to scientific research, humor can help people relax themselves, relieve their life pressures and keep their mental healthy. In short, humor can make people have a positive life attitude.

Only when people are happy, can they contribute to country’s development. So humor is another value which would help make Japan a better country. When Japanese are more open-minded, they can improve themselves and develop their country; when more Japanese have responsibilities, their society can be more harmonious; when Japanese have more humor, their lives can be more interesting. All in all, if Japan wants to become a better country, open-minded, responsibility and humor would help make it.