Rhetorical Analysis

Facebook provides much more information about a person than can be interpreted when first meeting that person. Analyzing George’s Facebook page will give insight on how a struggling college student can keep a smile on their face while dealing with everyday problems. George’s Facebook page consists of a variety of rhetorical tools, such as the language used in status updates, analytical photographs, and interesting background information, in which he uses to explain his life as an inspired film maker/photographer in a college environment.

His use of Ethos through his posted videos and background information and Pathos through photographs, unveils the life that he lives. George utilizes many options that Facebook provides to prove that this is his page. He was born on October 11th, 1990. He currently resides in Flagstaff, Arizona but is originally from Lebanon, Pennsylvania. He has listed the two companies that he currently works for, one as a director, the other as Audio Director/Utility.

Along with jobs, he has many links to television, music, and movies, some of which he has either participated or helped produce, pointing to his primary role as an amateur college student film maker. The audience that George is targeting is mainly fellow college students, with family as the secondary audience. His page suggests this due to the fact that he posts many statuses relative to fellow college students. Some posts are relative to family members only, and others are to both audiences.

Furthermore, his emphasis on links to music videos proves that he is being himself; not trying to be somebody, but showing others his true self. His audience primarily consists of fellow college students, with a mixture of semi-professional film-makers. The purpose that George is trying to present seems to be very foggy. He has listed two emails, his home address, along with his phone number, and various instant messenger screen names. The reason for these listings could possibly be that he is open for contact, a possible job opportunity or he could be open to meet new people.

He posts various links to websites, videos, songs, and sometimes to interesting articles. In any given post of his, he includes his thought about the subject at hand, which can be taken as a form of independency. It seems as if he is more informational rather than having a direct and concise purpose. George portrays his ideas in ways that explain his passion for film in general, which can be an example of an inspired college student whom hopes to be widely known one day. As previously mentioned, George emphasizes the media expressed on his page.

He lists many movie quotes from popular movies, such as Transformers, Austin Powers, and Batman: The Dark Knight. His music selection varies greatly, from Susan Boyle to Red Hot Chili Peppers even to Lil Wayne. Movies listed are not any different, as he has Public Enemies, Iron Man, The Boondock Saints, Saving Private Ryan, and Rafiki marked as favorites. It is possible that he may not watch much television because he does not have nearly as many television shows listed as he does movies. Heroes, Family Guy, The Colbert Report, and South Park are the only shows listed.

Although he does not have any books listed, there are a few that he has recommended to others such as Of Mice and Men, The Giving Tree, and The Harry Potter Series. The activities listed are Broadcasting and eating, in that order. These activities/interests listed can be interpreted as essentials for a college student majoring in Film. He has listed a few family members, his relationship status and political view as well, which can be associated with this author’s Ethos and Logos. George reveals himself as a credible source for many topics.

With his employment and education listed, he gains credibility and becomes appealing to others that are in the same boat. Listing only his current employers rather than all of his past employers, he emphasizes his current situation as a part-time worker and a full-time college student. Adding to the fact that education comes before work, he only lists his job titles and not what his job entails, which may add to his credibility as a film student. Many of the videos he posts or talks about are very intriguing. His input about a short film or trailer may suggest his strive for perfection, in terms of film and how it is produced.

Serious posts pertaining to ideas ranging from campus food to life in general give him a foundation to which he uses as his credibility as an informative person. George appeals to many people’s emotions through pictures and his economy of words in posts. His profile picture is of him posing in front of a lake in Las Vegas. Most of his pictures are of him only, but some include close friends and/or family members. He has many pictures that are publically viewable, which appeals to his Pathos as a person. It seems that he emphasizes his role as a college student, living with no fear or reprimands.

Although his previous profile pictures are of either close friends or himself, on his timeline he has included co-workers, which may emphasize his role as a hard-worker and a college student. The overall page layout supports his purpose of primarily informing others of himself as a person. George effectively presents himself as a college student by offering insight into his own life as if you were one of his friends. He presents his personal information as if he were going to a career interview. By being himself and not trying to be someone, he appeals to many as a friendly person who takes pride in himself and everything he does.

He keeps the inspiration included by the numerous posts about various topics, from film trailers to interesting articles to everyday happenings. If he was more conservative and professional, he would lose the vast majority of his audience; fellow college students. Including short films he may have participated in and films he is deeply interested in learning about, he keeps his credibility as a film student. In combining his serious opinions about various film topics and his humorous approach, George presents himself as himself; a person who is striving to be the best, by taking it one college day at a time.