Rifkin portrays his view that animals must be given a time of love

Rifkin portrays his view that animals must be given a time of love when he states, “They crave affection and are easily depressed if isolated—the government is encouraging—to provide them with toys. ” These words that have been deeply written from his heart reveal his pursuit in equality for animals, to the point that animals, like pigs, must be loved, therefore we must express this love in speaking to them daily and buying them toys. Rifkin speaks truth in his belief that we must care for animals, but before revealing love to animals and blossoming equality upon them, we must shower the endowed promise of equality amongst our nation.

What about the people who suffer from depression and are consumed by suicidal thoughts? We must first speak with our lips to those who have been isolated, because humanity is in deep need of caring for each other. Another point that strikes his view is that he believes we should provide toys for animals, but there are masses of homeless children within our country that have never even glimpsed a toy, therefore if we can’t fix our internal humane issues, then how can we shower all these privileged gifts on animals?

Before desiring to open the eyes of others to care about animals, Rifkin must first open his eyes and see that humanity is already drenched with enough chaos as it is, and our minds should be set on bringing healing to our nation than making animals our priority. His stand on helping animals carried strength, and we can do this by stopping abuse upon them, but going as far as giving them absolute equality contains fallacy.