Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption

In Stephen King’s novella, Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption, it is in fact conscious and cognizant actions performed by Andy which result in his escape form the prison and free him of the of grave malice of wrongful conviction. Andy mindfully developed an advantageous, reciprocal relationship with the Shawshank administration. The passion from undying hope and optimism, in essence are his liberator. Andy’s qualifications, experience and knowledge play a large part in the events leading up to and allowing Andy’s escape.

Calmly informing him that he can, in effect keep all his inheritance tax-free and that he would be willing to help him set up the necessary transaction in order to do so. “You’ll need a tax lawyer or a banker to set up the gift for you and that will cost you something,’ Andy said. ‘Or … if you were interested, I’d be glad to set it up for you nearly free of charge. The price would be three beers apiece for my co-workers. ” (King 46) By offering this agreement Andy is playing both sides of the card.

These words carry a great deal of weight, since they symbolize the core of the novella and the foundations of the characters Andy quite deliberately and intentionally applied his learning, skills and experiences to benefit his escape. There are two implications that occur which verify the aforementioned claim. First, Andy uses his knowledge and interest in geology and rocks to make possible his escape. Andy’s knowledge about rocks also worked as an advantage since without it he would not have been able to predict the probability of tunneling through.

Second, Andy uses his skills as a former banker to help forge the reciprocal relationships, which are mentioned in the first paragraph, with the prison administration and other inmates. Andy’s knowledge of finance lets him interject and introduce the information that “The tax-free gift to the spouse is a perfectly legal loophole. ” (King 46) His financial skills also allow him to do the taxes of almost all the Shawshank staff. Andy evidently uses his expertise and understanding to develop a mutual relationship with the Shawshank management and convicts.