safety and protection againaist illness

Thesis: Each animal served as essential companions on Pi’s Journey through their company, the lessons they taught, and the faith they gave for Pi to keep living, that ultimately, through their natures alone, allowed pi to triumph in the face of defeat. (-Hyena – the vicious, cannibalistic cook from the ship, kills both the “zebra” and the “orangutang”, plainly represents the ruthless evil in the world –Zebra – a young Chinese sailor whose leg is broken, represents the vulnerable things in life and how they are attacked (like by the “hyena” who eats the zebra inside-out) –0rangutang –

Pi’s mother, represents safety and protection, earlier described as a “Holy Mary” mother figure (and we find out she was) ) “She came floating on an island of bananas in a halo of light, as lovely as the Virgin Mary. The rising sun was behind her. Her flaming hair looked stunning. (2. 42. 1)” – Pi sees her coming almost like a saviour, he says she is seen in a halo of light Just like how an angel is described. She symbolizes hope in Pi’s Journey that he is able to overcome all that he is going through right now, and also gives him faith that salvation can come, Just like she did.

How the animals serve as humane company through Pi’s Journey, he had no one but these animals, orange Juice served as his mother which gave him reassurance each animal helped pi in a different way Teach Pi lessons and enhance his understanding to life each animal taught pi different lessons that will help him survive his Journey Give him the will to keep living all the lessons that each animal has taught P’, give him the will to keep living. the crucial live saving lessons, lead Pi to believe that there is hope for him out there everything he learned from the animals helped him