Save Our Environment

A very good morning to my teachers and my fellow students. I am here today to give a speech about our role to ‘save our environment’. Today, when environment is being polluted so vigorously, everyone has only one question on their mind that is how to save environment from being polluted. The strongest way to protect environment is save trees. Trees play an important role to keep air clean.

If there will be no fresh air available then how will human beings, animal, and birds survive? Therefore, a clean environment is the need for every living object on this earth. Many big organizations, schools, colleges, and NGOs are taking initiatives to save trees for a better future, clean air, and unpolluted environment, in short healthy life for living objects. Nowadays, trees are being cut with a great speed for full filling daily needs of human beings.

You might have noticed that as the number of trees is reducing disasters are being continuously increasing, which is ultimately leading into high death rate. A big part of the trees is cut to make paper to help us do our personal and official works. If the use of paper will be minimized then we can save a large number of trees from being cut, which leads into healthy and clean environment that is fresh air and healthy life.

One of the biggest initiatives to save trees is to promoting the use of paper less media like mobile phones. It is really a great idea to use paperless media to minimize the use of paper. Another initiative, which has been taken by schools, colleges, and universities in the increase in online examinations. Finally, i hope that one day we could be a responsible human being, we all need to take some initiatives to protect environment and to save trees to live a better life. That is all, thanks for listening.