Scarlet Ibis

The short story “The Scarlet Ibis” is a very touching story, which includes many themes within it. The story is about a boy who is born with a special condition which makes him weaker than other children. However, “Doodle”, the boy with the condition overcomes it when his brother teachers him how to walk. The shorts story, “The scarlet Ibis” has many conflicts in it, such as Doodle vs. his brother and Doodle vs. Nature. The first example of conflict in this short story is Man vs Man.

An example of this is when Brother tries to teach Doodle how to walk, and makes him work too hard (345). Another example of man vs. man conflict is when Brother leaves Doodle behind during the storm when they are running home (353). This conflict is between the two main character and plays a main role in the story’s plot. Another example of conflict in this passage is man vs. nature. This is shown when Doodle is facing his disability that he has been born with. This disability makes him weaker than normal children, so it is a lot harder for him to endure physical activity.

An example of this conflict is when Brother has to drive Doodle around in a go-cart, because he is too weak to walk (346). This has to be the most important conflict in the whole story. This is because it sets up the whole reason of the story to be written. The final example of conflict is man vs. self. An example of this is the struggle Brother has with guilt. He feels guilty though out the whole story, especially at the end of this short story. He feels the most guilt for when Doodle dies, because Brother pushed him too hard. (354). On page 354, Brother crys out “Doodle! and weeps for a longtime, as he realizes that Doodle has died. This conflict is very important because it ends the story and sums it up. It creates something for the reader to think about, and also can make the reader feel certain emotions. Conflict plays a major part in the short story