School Life

Then BOOM my alarm clock goes off to wake my brother and I up to get ready for school, but this was all put to the side by our mother coming in to the room telling us that she would have to work a few extra hours. “Wake your but up! ” Is what I yelled to my brother as I had always did he consistently showed himself to be the lazy one who would just breeze through life without a care in the world. He replied back with the bad morning breath, “Leave, me, alone its only 6:30 school doesn’t start until 7:30. Me as usual I got up pulled him out of bed until he hit the floor then started my routine to get ready for the day’s events. Oh yeah my name is Gerard by the way. I carried myself across the dimly lit hall towards the bathroom. As I flicked on the light switch, I first noticed this hair pick still stuck in the side of my head. I immediately grabbed it and started to fix my hair. As I stand in front of the mirror looking back at my own reflection, wondering why, does school start this early in the morning, I grabbed the toothbrush and toothpaste and began to a make it happen.

My brother’s name is Joel, and he could care less of his appearance, because he always thought that he was God’s gift to the ladies. Most of his attire consisted of whatever he felt like grabbing out of the closet or the first thing he could get his hands on. He didn’t care if he was all wrinkled, his excuse was that they’ll be gone throughout the day plus now one would notice them anyway because that’s how he rolled. You would have thought that he just came from summer camp playing rugby with a few of his friends before school started.

As he came into the bathroom besides me to wash up and get ready, I could always here him saying thanks for getting me up too, knowing that being the older sibling I couldn’t just let him be late for school besides our mother would have killed me. As I look at the clock I notice that we are right on schedule, its 7:00 and time to wake my sister Latoya, she’s in middle school and does not experience the rush that my brother and I go thru being that the two of us share a room and sometimes wrestle to get around to what we need to be done.

The time is now 7:10, and it’s time for us to leave the house headed for school since we live only a quarter of a mile away from the school we can pretty much toss a couple of rocks a few times and we’re there. The only downside is that sometimes we get too complacent living so close to the school that we end up thinking there’s more time and end up cutting it close to getting to class on time or worse being late and end up with detention. As we get to school they are still selling breakfast its usually something simple like garlic cheesy bread or the cinnamon sugar rolls that are so delicious.

But we cannot stand in line and enjoy them today because the first school bell rings and that signifies things need to get closed out and you need to put your thinking caps on. As we exited the cafeteria it was 7:25 and the start of the school day and the final bell rings at 1:50. Joel and I always knew that we would see each other at our lunch period odd as it seems I was a senior and he was a sophomore, but hey, that’s how the schedules came out. We couldn’t control the outcomes of what we wanted to do we could always find some sort of time to throw a wise crack at one another.