School Uniforms

So today I will speak about how mandating uniforms will improve public school safety. III. I went to a high school with a lot of violence, so much so that our school was known by click names by other students at other schools. Transition: Let’s first discuss how violence is rampant in public schools. Body I. Violence among teens is a main issue that needs to be addressed. A. Most of the violence is caused by clicks, and even off campus gang members.

According to www. educationbug. rg,” Although the states with the most students who wear school uniforms are the five big population states: California, Florida, Illinois, New York, and Texas, the ten cities with the most students in uniform are actually in eight different states and the District of Columbia. ”

1. Long Beach is a prime example of how uniforms are vital to the safety of students.

•“The district Overall, the crime rate dropped by 91%”

•“School suspensions dropped by 90%”

•“Sex offenses were reduced by 96%”

•“Incidents of vandalism went down 69%” 2. In addition, “over 21 states plus the District of Columbia schools are required some sort of uniforms. Transition: Now as former students and parents of public school students plan to fix the problem. I. There are multiple things you can do to support mandatory school uniforms. A. First, go to a board meeting and introduce the subject of mandating uniforms into your public school system. B. Second, you can write a letter your local newspaper editor about your attitude on school uniforms and how you feel as if they are needed in the public school system C. And last but not least, if the school system decides to carry the idea of uniforms support the students to wear and feel comfortable in their uniforms.

II. Today, as I spoke about how school uniforms should be mandatory in all public school systems due to high violence rates you should as former students and parents of public school students take the time and realize that you can be the deciding factor of public school safety. Sources “Will School Uniforms Help Curb Student Violence.