Schoolyard Bullying

A feature article dad sues school over bully attacks published on the 14th of February 2010. which is an article on a young boy who has been repeatedly attacked by children at his primary school and nothing has been done about it, there is also a editorial Bullied teenager receives $290,000 published on the 1 lth of march 2010. this is an editorial about a young girl who has been repeatedly bullied over the years and won her case with the court. l three articles have the same contention, they want the laws to be implemented and making parents aware that bullying can become out of hand if it is not resolved. beyond the schoolyard, into the home. this case study was written by Dina Halkic, the mother of the child who committed suicide because of cyber bullying. a 17 year old teenager committed suicide by Jumping off the west gate bridge after being repeatedly bullied at school and at home over the internet and text messages. he mother of the Allem blames herself for his death as she didn’t realise the dangers of yber bullying. “he was in his room, in our house with us, and he was safe, or so we thought” this quote shows us the regret in her voice and makes us feel sympathy for her and her husband. she follows on by saying ” how could someone hurt him? Just like his mobile, why didn’t we check it? ” the reader becomes involved in her story by giving us rhetorical questions that we start to question ourselves and our family values.

Dina has written a case study of her ordeal day when she found out her son nly son has committed suicide that is confronting for parents, this makes the readers aware of the potential harm that lies in cyber space. she is urging for children and teens to use their computers in the open, where parents can see. the family don’t want other children to go through what their son did, this is an informative piece that is confrountating. the parents are also trying to implement the laws for cyber bullying, “there has been no case in australia to date where an individual has ben put to trial for cyber bullying. his case will play a role in toughing the laws against cyber bullying. this article is disturbing and sympathetic towards Allem and his parents this appeals to family safety. the newspaper has set out the article with the photos and the text at equal value, they have been placed in a certain way for the readers eyes to move through the photos going through the victim, who seems confident before his death. The victims parents, looking confused and sad, and then the victims friends crying, this shows the impact his death has done to the people around him who love him.