Second Grade Experience

During my second year in elementary school, due to the fact that I was doing so horribly in my grades, my parents decided to send me back to El Salvador to bring up my grades. In El Salvador, I lived with my grandma, my cousins, my great aunts and uncles, and most of my family. The schools in El Salvador were so much more different than the schools in America. Since El Salvador is a poor country, the schools couldn’t afford to serve lunch and the houses were much smaller. In America, most kids did not really walk or play outside; they were usually kept locked up in their room, sipping on juice and watching tv.

But the kids in El Salvador; they knew how to live their life with meaning. Every single day, as I made more and more friends, I would go to the soccer field and play games outside. We would play tag, soccer, baseball, soft ball; pretty much any kind of sport you could imagine. The soccer fields in El Salvador were the place where I, eventually, learned to play softball. Softball is like baseball but is usually referred to as, “baseball but for girls. ” After learning how to play softball, I decided to join a small softball team that was formed in my second grade class of elementary school.

Being on that team, allowed me to be at the fields even more and taught me to love the sport. The idea of fresh air, blue skies, grass stains, balls, and bats made me excited and energetic. Every time I hit the ball with my bat, I ran as fast as my legs could take me, striving to reach the home plate and score a point for my team. Running on the fields all day and hanging out with friends, giggling at our innocent, naive quirks and remarks gave my childhood, memories of freedom and promise. I now look at life like a baseball diamond; you just have to hit the ball and keep running until you finally reach home plate and win.