self-worth and popularity.

It has become such a major part of the lives of the people on twitter that they not only use it all day every day, they are basing their whole lives around it. Almost everybody that uses twitter has the same mind set towards it at first; “I won’t have an addiction to it; I’m just going to use it for fun and simple things. ” “It isn’t going to take over my life; I’m just keeping in touch with family and friends. ” Before they realize it, they are sucked in and it has become the overall most important aspect in their life.

For Ms. Orenstein, a special moment with her child turns into an episode in the show of her life for her twitter followers to see. Maybe she is just trying to allow her family and friends on twitter to be a part of this magical moment, but most likely it is just to show them what a great mom she thinks she is (obviously she is not being a great mom by letting her mind fade away from the moment to post the event on twitter).

In this section of the essay, section two, twitter has become her life. She is shaping herself to be more liked on twitter. She is putting on a show for the whole twitter world to see, because if she is liked on twitter she will feel better about herself. Her life is a stage and the performance she is putting out on twitter is what other people will see. She is trying to be more liked and have more followers. To do this she must “tweet” as much as she can for people to like her.

Twitter is just a way to have more self-worth and popularity. She wouldn’t put something that wasn’t good on twitter, this would cause less people to envy her or look up to her. Instead she decides put on a mask or a front that way people will be amused by her life and wish to a part of it. Twitter is just a place where she can be who she wants to be rather than face the actuality of her life and the real world. Twitter has overcome her life and occupied her time. Word Count: 457