Sensory Marketing – Abercrombie and Fitch

Sensory Marketing by Abercrombie & Fitch This sensory marketing aims at inciting the customers to come to cross(spend) a pleasant moment while encouraging them to buy but also and especially to return. The sight. The filtered light emphasizes the clothes which thanks to their colors warm the store. Then there are also the salesmen with perfect physical appearances! They are all models. The men are especially tanned with developed muscle and the women have a natural beauty. The brand encourages the quest of beauty and let it know.

The employees all adopt fashionable student look The hearing, By the ambient, very modern and young music : electro music. It gives to every shop an “nightclub” aspect very trendy for this new target. The smell One of the most important aspects because it is the one which remains in us in head once taken out of Abercrombie and Fitch. The salesmen have to vaporize the clothes of the Abercrombie perfume : the fierce the tactile side is very advanced. In the store its possible to get, unfold, and try clothes as long as you want, you don’t need to ask for a salesman.

This aspect is very important because he allows to judge the quality of the product. A little of eroticism comes then to the end of the route(course). Yes because it is possible to take a photo with one of the torses models nude to remember. What will allow the consumers not to forget this shop and of their to give the envy(urge) to return. Conclusion The brand does not only content with proposing the sale of T-shirts and polos. She invites the consumer to live an original experience in an outstanding atmosphere.