Serrusalmus I have road a short story called Serrusalmus written by Lesley Glaister. Lesley Glaister was born in Northampton shire, The United Kingdom at October 04, 1956. Lesley Glaister is a fiction writer and her first novel got published in 1990. The short story is about the protagonist Marjorie who is a woman. I will say she is in her forties and lives by herself in a apartment on the nineteenth floor. When Marjorie was a little girl she liked ants she felt that the ants inspired her. As a little girl she would have liked ants as pets.

She thought as ants like people. They worked together as a team, and they were Just as pushy as the human beings was. As the years pasted and she got older, she got a illness. She suffered from the a illness called agoraphobia who made afraid to be at big open places with lot of people. her opinion also changes it was no longer ants there was like people but people there was like ants. She was afraid of people and did not speak with a lot of people. Therefore she kept fishes she meant that they were so peaceful in there aquarium.

She felt like she cut be peaceful and safe when she looked at them in the aquarium. She loved her fishes like they were her own children. But one day the troublemaker Mick, came looking for her in her apartment at the nineteenth floor. He used to come when he needed something from Marjorie. Most of the time when he came did he beg her for money, food or clothing . This time did he not beg her four any of this tings. He actually came to help her with moving her sick angle fish to a new clean aquarium.

Marjorie believed him because he helped her with her beloved fish. But Mick was only pretending to care for her and the fish. Mick picked up the net and caught the fish. He took the fish with him over to the open window and then asked Marjorie how much she thing the fish was worth. He wanted a hundred quid four not killing the fish. But bad for her she did not have all those money and Just like that he flipped the fish out the open window. Then he left and she was so sad. Mick come back and Marjorie gave him a rink were she had dropped some drugs in.

The drugs was for her illness. The drugs made Mick felt asleep like a stone. She took her Piranha in toa bucked and then took Mick’s hand in to the bucked. The Piranha eat his hand in a few minutes. Now was the boot on the other foot. In The very end she got revenge over Mick not Just because he killed her fish but also for the long time where he had used her and all her things, money and food. She was free now and was now longer under his power. Short Story and Mick By cami646t