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This is a good process when applied at the beginning as it may be an important part of the viability and reliability. This section reveals the type of verification collected and kind of reality, it is proposed to demonstrate. A qualitative descriptive design was used. Data were collected in 2013. By undertaking secondary research (literature review) the researcher has established underling theories regarding public sector management for mangers. By reading academic journals and text books, interesting views of theoretical underpinning is illustrated.

Result: The findings illustrates that the public sector management have many concerns. Conclusion: The conclusion highlights the …………….. In addition, recommendations are made for public sector management to work within a framework in order to meet the educational needs. Keywords: Acknowledgements: I would like to express my sincere gratitude and warm acknowledgement to the many people and institutions that supported me in the completion of this assignment. I specially thank to Associate professor Mr.

Surajudeen Shitta, without whom this assignment had been never realized, Thank you for generously inviting me to share broad managerial and scientific knowledge in the field of Personal effectiveness in health and social care sector. Chapter 1: Q1: As a Manager, you need to investigate and analyse key features in local features in local and regional levels change and identified problems related to changes since 1995; evaluate the impact of provision of public sector goods/services and the impact of the political context and the policy process on public sector organizations?

Q2: As a manager, you need to evaluate the importance of the accountability process arising from modernization; accountability mechanisms of public sector organizations; the relevance of public sector organizations in the face of competition from other providers; and analyse potential problems as a result of organizations being in the public sector?

Q3: As a manager, you need to need to examine the difference between private and public sector organizations: critically evaluate the impact of key features relating to privatization and Europeanization on the public sector; and evaluate future strategies which could help to mitigate the impact of such external pressures? Q4: As a manager, you need to evaluate a variety of relevant management theories/techniques and critically evaluate the performance of a given organization with suitable management theories/techniques?