Service Quality Perception at Kfc Pakistan

There are many fast food restaurants in Pakistan facilitating their customers with variety of services including Owen hot deliveries to self services, and wonderful environment, customer values these services and facilities and such facilities with good taste ensures the success in the business, so analyzing and evaluating the mentioned factors is very significant for a starting a fast food restaurant business. Literature review Ulgado, Francis M. , Lee, Moonkyu (1997)

Consumer evaluations of fast-food services: a cross-national comparison A study of American and South Korean customer responses to the services offered by an international fast food chain showed that South Koreans revert back to their expectations of traditional ‘fast food’ service indigenous to their region in their expectation of the quality of service. This response is reflected in their desire for service crew attentiveness and empathy over food quality which is a given in international fast food chains.

Jasper Fanning, Kansas State University, Thomas Marsh Washington State University Kyle Stiegert (2002) University of Wisconsin-Madison Determinants of Fast Food Consumption Determinants are investigated for both the likelihood of consuming fast food and household expenditure on fast-food using the 1994-98 USDA Continuing Survey of Food Intakes by Individuals. The logit model is used to estimate an empirical relationship between probabilities an individual will consume fast food and socioeconomic variables Hayden Stewart, Noel Blisard, Sanjib Bhuyan, and Rodolfo M.

Nayga, Jr. (2002) The Demand for Food Away From Home Full-Service or Fast Food? Consumer spending at full-service and fast food restaurants will continue to grow over the remainder of this decade and the next. However, the larger increase is predicted to occur at full-service restaurants. Simulations assuming modest growth in household income plus expected demographic developments show that per capita spending could rise by 18 percent at full-service restaurants and by 6 percent for fast food between 2000 and 2020 By Robert Ebbin (Sep 2002)