Setting long term goals

Which of the following is not a strategy of a master student? C a. Setting short term goals b. Setting long term goals c. Assessing your positive traits d. Avoiding an open? minded approach to problem solving 2. Completing self? discovery exercises assists students in C a. Assessing employment locations b. Assessing computer programs c. Assessing themselves as students/employees d. Assessing travel itineraries 3. Characteristics of a master student include B a. an unwillingness to change b. a willingness to take responsibility for actions in one’s life c. extreme focus on one’s grades d. positive attitude 4. The three sensory modes of learning discussed in class include: B a. Vivid, action, knowing b. Visual, auditory, kinesthetic c. Vital, anxious, kinesthetic d. Verbal, auditory, kinesthetic 5. When exhibiting master student strategies, one might demonstrate all of the following except: C a. Avoiding “thinking outside of the box” b. Self direction c. Optimism d. Goal setting 6. The term “metacognition” is defined as: C a. Learning about objects b. Learning about science c. Learning about learning d. Acting without thinking 7. There are four questions connected to the modes of learning.

They include all of the following except: D a. Why? b. What c. How? d. When? 8. Strong self motivation encourages all of the following except: B a. Changing one’s mind b. Ignoring goals c. Comparing benefits d. Requesting help 9. When attempting to bring about change in one’s behavior one should not consider: D a. Affirmations b. Requesting help from friends c. Starting with minor changes d. Setting unrealistic goals 10. Strategies for time management include all of the following except: D a. Monitoring work related tasks b. Setting a stopping time c. Maintaining a clear desk or work area d. Procrastination

True/False Questions 11. Mnemonic Devices may not assist one in recalling information Flase 12. There is only one approach to becoming a critical thinker False 13. Successful students should try to connect their learning style to their education and their future career choices. True 14. Spending time with someone who demonstrates the types of success strategies that you are trying to implement is probably not a good idea. False 15. Feeling uncomfortable in a learning situation is not a normal part of the learning cycle. False 16. Motivation may result from clarifying one’s goals and acting upon them. True 17.

Learning styles may be connected to study strategies that can be used to help a student succeed in a course. True 18. Visual learning means one is focusing on the kinesthetic section of the learning styles 19. A benefit of keeping a journal during the semester is that it may allow one to write about the connections between courses being studied. True 20. In an effort to become a master student, one should try to make predictions based on the strategies one has learned and check to see if his/her life experiences coincide with those predictions. True 21.

Time is considered to be a renewable resource. False 22. Becoming aware of one’s particular style of procrastination may not assist in changing one’s behavior. True 23. Graphic signals are used to enhance a student’s class notes Flase Short Answers: 24. Please describe four characteristics of a master student. Provide specific examples of how these characteristics may be demonstrated. Set goals, achieving the goals in the time frame. Be able to manage time effectively. 25. Decision making skills are important for master students. Please explain how one may improve his/her skill at making decisions in life. By setting goals for their self.