Severn Suzuki Article

WE are responsible for our Planet Our planet Is getting more and more dirty. The earth Is full of waste and the temperature Is getting higher and higher. Would n It be nice to live on a clean and comfortable planet, where you can feel the nature with all its beatiful sections. Earth Summit, that is the name of a UN conference in 1992 met in Rio de Janeiro to consider the urgent need for development in developing countries. They are planning, not to destroy the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Earth Summit wants all people to fix the lifestyle, maybe only a little bit, and save the orld.

A girl named Severn Suzuki paid for the trip to Rio herself and wanted to let people think about our Situation with the earth and talked In a public speech to all people. She wants to change the habits of adults and children. Severn says, that she found fish with cancer. Is this the way we want to eat fish? We really have to think of what we can make better in waste seperation. So if for instance plastic is thrown in the sea, the fish will eat the plastic, and we eat the fish. Horrible! Another problem is the buying of unnecessary things. We buy and throw away. Why don t we think of what we really need?

In my oplnlon the arguments from Severn Suzuki are still a big problem nowadays. Actually the problems got worse. If the society does not change their lifestyles, maybe we are all “killer”. Because we “killed” our children or grandchildren. Firstly the production of plastic and other nonbiodegradable waste increases. And secondly the waste seperation is not important for the people any more, because they do not realize the danger. To sum up we all have to work and clean our planet, f we want to live on the beatlful earth. We can not only use and use and giving nothing back to regenerate, so It Is on our planet.