Shiseido Presentation

Add more doors Enhance promotional packages with full product line Train beauticians to create a relationship Beauticians educate customers into the correct use of the products advertising Enable shop online Get global marketing benefits

Japanese zen design influence Social Media Presence Men’s corner Men’s place Focusing on FB, twitter and beauty blogs Creating newsworthy, interesting, share-able brand content Using on line FB contests to enhance users participation (i. e. post your secret beauty tip, share it with friends, gather the most likes & win the Shiseido products) Offering product related gifts/vouchers/samples

Mapping of influential beauty/lifestyle blogs and using them as indirect WOM devices Sharing Shiseido news, photo shootings, campaigns from abroad Being the ultimate spot for “girl-talk”, regarding beauty, cosmetics, skin care issues •At current and new doors •Easy accessible •Familiarization •Awareness •Explore while girlfriend discussing with consultant •Feel more innocent Closer to Purity… …Closer to Life • • • Luxurious solutions to differentiate from from conservative, classic brands. Member’s club with exclusive activities such as Yoga, spa. Targeted use of media depending on segment