Should Tennagers Be Allowed to Get Birth Control

This raises the question, should teenagers be allowed to receive birth control methods without their parents’ permission. The answer is teenage girls should not be allowed to receive birth control without parent consent. There are many reasons why birth control methods should not be available to teenagers without their parent’s knowledge. Among the reasons are because this encourages premarital sex, it hinders communication between parent and child, and it forces the child to make adult decisions about medication, and that can be harmful to the teen.

Foremost, I believe it is appropriate to keep in mind that one is not granted the ability to vote until they reach the age of 18. Laws and procedures vary from state to state, even though most states do not have a law about receiving birth control methods. But the idea of teens making a decision to add medication into their daily lives is ridiculous, even more since the government has already determined that they are not ready to make an extremely important decision as far as voting.

Therefore allowing teens to obtain prescription birth control without parents’ knowledge interferes with the parent/child relationship. There are rules and regulations that require government funded hospitals to contact parents if their teenager would like to receive prescription birth control and sometimes this encourage sexual activity among teenagers. I feel that if teenagers under 16, need have to have their parents’ consent to have surgery and to receive medical treatment, birth control should not excluded. Birth control should also be of importance.

I believe that parents should know what activities their teenagers are participating in; and since the government holds the parents responsible for our children. Being a parent I feel the parent should have in the situation. I feel that any great parent should care about the interest of their child wants to know whether their teenage daughter is going to the public clinic to get receive birth control; and any good parent would want to help their teenager make the right choices and good decisions on the matter, and to help the teenager from making bad choices without the parents’ consent.

Certain states have laws against people who are under the age of sixteen, when it comes to them having sex. Health risks that are associated with prescribed birth control make it unethical to allow children to obtain these medicines without parent consent. Common side effects of early usage of birth control include nutrient deficiency, weight gain, mood changes, and depression (www. kidshealth. org). A prescribed birth control method also puts users at a higher risk of PMS, depression, migraines, and all kind of maladies (www. womenhealth. org) due to the risk of developing yeast problems.

But without having the proper research, a teenager really has no way of knowing or understanding the health risks that comes with taking birth control methods. Therefore, it is important that parents’ know and be involved in their children’s life decisions. Even though their argument is that birth control reduces the number of teen pregnancies, prescribed birth control does not protect an individual from STD’s. If teenagers were able to obtain prescription birth control without prenatal consent, we may actually see a jump in STD’s among teens. Teenagers that are sexually active are a problem that has to be addressed.

Curiosity arises in the minds of teenager every, they want to know what sex is all about. My religion which is Christianity, instructs us to wait until they are married to have begun to have sex. But not only in churches is abstinence being preached, but public schools is adding this to their curriculum, and teaching the teenagers about the greatness of keeping their virginity. Teenagers having sex before marriage is a growing issue among teenagers. Sex before marriage is the cause of teenage pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, and emotional distress.

Sexually transmitted diseases show in a society of teenagers that are having premarital sex, because teenagers have so many different sex partners. Therefore, a result to teenagers having sex is the different disease which is becoming more common in the teenage population. Because, for this is that the teenagers don not know how to use the different birth control methods. Many teenagers believe that the pill or condoms stop the spread of AIDs, other diseases, and herpes so, the contraceptives do not prevent these diseases from spreading.

Three million new cases of sexually transmitted diseases among teenagers are reported each year. (www. helpme. com) There are so many teens that feel that there is nothing wrong in having sex before marriage, but having sexual relations with numerous people from age 15 and 19 doubles the diseases that have been spreading to different people every time. Because teenagers are having more sexual relationships, it seems that it is being more accepted among the public, and this is causing even more teenagers to start in having sexual relationships. Many teens believed that they were pressured into having sex.

But if the community has the strength to pressure teenagers into having sex, then society should be using education to help teach teenagers about how bad sex is before marriage. Teenagers that is engaging into sexual activities before marriage is a major cause of teenage pregnancy. Teenagers often believe that they cannot get pregnant, or being a parent cannot happen to them, but the teenage pregnancy rate is on the rise every year. Being careless is a great factoring in teenage pregnancy, whether it is the use of contraceptives, or choosing their sexual partner. Teenagers use the different methods of birth control wrong.

Teenagers do not have the adult mentality to choose a partner they want to be with at their age, which causes them to make the wrong decisions about their partners, which cause them to make wrong decisions and here is an unwanted pregnancy. The majority of unwanted pregnancies occur because teenagers do not really do not see how easy it is to become pregnant, or how they should know how to use birth control methods correctly. A lot of teenagers feel that they love their significant other, and so they began plan for a baby but their focus is not to look at the financial obligations that follow.

Sex before marriage can play a great role in a teenager’s emotional factor. Teenagers feel all kinds of, emotional loss after they engage into having sex before marriage. Some teenagers may not feel the emotions of having sex now, but as they get older, life begins to sink in. Rather the teenager experienced having an STD’s or an unplanned pregnancy, they began to regret and this causes the teen to feel bad about them and it causes depression. “In fact, a great number of teens, active in sexual relationships, and ninety percent actually regret their choices to have sex (www. helpme. com)”.

Teenagers feel the shame when their relationship ends because, having sex before marriage is a great causes of depression among teenagers and the parents that feel they are responsible for their childish choices. Many teenagers claim, that abstinence is not cool and that being abstinent is impossible but I am here to tell you it only takes one word “NO”! They are economically dependent, and the teen moms are not able to spend time with their children. Whether the parents know that their child is pregnant this really affects the women emotionally and psychologically, her ability to continue going to school, and her finances are affected.

Parents should be able to make sure they get all the love that their teenagers need. If the teenagers parents do not know are not aware, there is a problem that the parents and their teenage daughters bond will be messed up at a time when parental support is most important. Now in some cases, I feel that the teenager might not want to tell her parents that she needs birth control or that she is engaging into sexual activities, for example, if a teen has been abused by their parents maybe if they were to tell their parents they would feel threatened for their safety.

This may be a circumstance which could get the law involved, it should not be taken advantage of to make it seem like the parents should be consulted over whether underage children should be able to receive birth control or not. For teenagers nearly around the ages of 16 to 18 the case for parental consent is clearly less convincing. There has to be a line drawn somewhere because society has these teenagers feeling they can do whatever they feel and it’s not right.

I grew up in a very religious family, and of course my mother did not believe in having sex before marriage. That is why I feel that teenagers both boys and girls should not be able to receive any kind of birth control without their parents knowing. I feel that when a teenage should decide to worry about contraceptives parents should be notified. Too many things are going on in today’s society. And this just helps with the parent and child relationship because a parent and a child should have a bond that is unbreakable