Should Women Participate in Military Combat?

Should Women Participate in Military Combat? Boykin, J. (2013). Women in combat a dangerous experiment. CNN. Retrieved from http://edition. cnn. com/2013/01/25/opinion/boykin-women-in-combat Boykin explains combats including both sexes will not only bring a huge burden on combat officers but also bring sexual tension between both male and female in a dangerous environment. The author however neglects to compare the equality in both men and women by stating that women in combat roles might bring down military “standards” and their ability to function proparly. Harris, P. (2013).

Women in combat: US military officially lifts ban on female soldiers. The Guardian. Retrieved from http://www. guardian. co. uk/world/2013/jan/24/us-military- lifts-ban-women-combat In the newspaper article, Harris talks about the signing the memorandum ending the 1994 ban on women serving in combat roles in military was actually an opening to improve the armys standards and reduce the tension of in-equality sexes. This article also calls on the military to investigate into its sexual violation issue, mentioning that the more we treat people as one, the more we will to treat each other equally. Kirkwood, R. C. 2013). Women in Combat: War for and Against Women. The New American. Retrieved from http://www. thenewamerican. com/culture/item/15012-women-in-combat-war-for-and-against-women An article written on the event of Women in Combat: War for and Against Women, Kirkwood explains the sensible and proper events that took place in the decision making of signing the memorandum ending the 1994 ban on women serving in combat roles in military. Which meant women that served in the military will now be capable in participating in military warfare. Castenfelt, S. , Leslie, T. , Locke, W. , Mcconnell, E. R. , Teo, G. , & Teoh, J.

R. (2013). Roundtable: Should Women Serve In Military Combat Roles? The Crimson. Retrieved from http://www. thecrimson. com/article/2013/2/8/roundtable-women-combat/? page=single Castenfelt et al explain that a lot of people are making a decision before becoming aware of the relevant facts of a case, relatively allot of people assume women in military combat roles would not succeed because of traditional thinking. Furthermore, allot of women posses the strength and skills to perform at or above the level of many male soldiers. In short, the military should be able to adapt to these new changes to be able to make a