Single parent

Single parent BY DaGarner93 Bryan Lochner College Writing II 9/10/13 In the United States there are 25 million children without their father (Horn). These are some sad statistics. It is important for families to spend as much time as they can to their children and the best way for that to happen is that you need to be married that is Horn’s belief. Then there are people like Edin and Kefalas who bring out human element to single parents. When you bring more of a human element to a reader you tend to have more people towards your side.

They may not have had all tatistics for this argument but, the ethos and pathos were well written. The America we live in today has single parents 1 in 3. Single parents for the most part do not want to be single parents they would like to have another parent in the house in order to help their kids to grow up to be fine adults. Their where stories from Jen talking about Rick not denying the paternity but, she did also mention that Rick was criminal since he was in an out of Juvenile hall. Jen also admits if you do have a kid sooner it tends to make things harder since the kids needs go before you own.

When you feel like that your in love with someone people want to have kids for the most part. When a boyfriend makes all these actions to a girl that loves him the girlfriend wants to follow through. It was quite unfortunate it did not work out the way she wanted but that is not an uncommon theme when 40% + of marriages end in divorce. Although there were not as many statistics used they used someone elses story to bring perspective to the whole situation. Jen by no stretch of the imagination was well off in her situation she suffers like any other person that likes anyone else in hose impoverish conditions.

She showed how having her son helped her it gave her feel had given a sense of purpose since the rest of society has shunned her for doing something that was socially unacceptable. Although Jen would like to get married she does not want to Just marry someone Just to have financial security she wants to be with someone that she would love. It is also impressive that Jen would continue to try to educate herself in order to improve her situation she does not want to rely on Ricks child support income.

There is a goal in mind is to have a Job in computers and she knows how to educate herself to reach the goal. Most stories do not end up like Jen the author will be the first to admit that. The biggest problem is that people tend to complain about the problem instead of finding solutions for these issues. The author does a great Job showing that Jen is a hard worker that will do a lot for her son work 60 hours a week getting her GED so she could go to college to get a better Job. Jen is all about being a straight honest person that does not sugar coat facts.

She has ood highs with her situation she has also had real lows too. A real way can fix this problem realistically is by empowering these kids by helping them to get an education so they can live Just a little more comfortably. Single parents in America is not horrible thing with so many marriages ending in divorce anyways we need to adjust life to these new norms. There being 25 million kids without a father we can single parents out is by empowering them by helping them achieve higher education in order for them to make more money and help Lessing the effects of impoverish conditions.