Social Media Marketing in Sports

The article that I found was on how to market a sports team using twitter. I thought that this was an interesting article first because of the title “The Twitter Sports Marketing Guide, Five Tips From the Leading Pro Teams”. It starts by saying that marketing a sports team is very similar to marketing a product or yourself, the goal is to separate your object from the rest of the crowd. The teams with the most fans use strategies that make them stand out and attract the most followers. Most of this comes breaking the stereotypical mold.

The first example is the LA Lakers with the theory of “When in Doubt, Tweet” Although the platform of Twitter success is already set up for the Lakers, the Lakers social media marketing managers found a way to gain followers. They found that Lakers fans are information hungry and want updated information as often as every minute. When anything that is related to Lakers happens they tweet about it, and they put up context that does not make other media outlets. They also use Twitters Picture capability to give behind the scene shots that give followers a unique iew not on TV.

They do everything that they can to makes fans feel they are a part of the organization. The second example is the Orlando Magic with the theory of “Respect the Fan” The Orlando Magic is a medium-sized sports market and does not compare to the Lakers. However, they are the second most followed sports team on Twitter. They uses the superstars on the team to promote their twitter. They understand the importance of their fans, and the Magic hold give-away contests for fans. When they had Dwight Howard they gave his one-millionth fan an all-expenses paid trip to

Orlando to watch a game and meet him. They found a balance between promotions for fans and team updates. The third example is combined teams with examples of Using the Resources You Have Real Madrid have fans that bleed soccer and twitter gives an ultimate for fans to get news. They stay active by keeping up with all their players in the World Cup events. They stay active with video updates, highlights, interviews and articles. Real Madrid keeps it simple by goes beyond Just their team to their players for their own country.

Cleveland Cavaliers do not tweet as often as the Lakers or Magic and are not a major market with only 50,000 followers. Most of the followers came when they had superstar Lebron James and used him to gain followers on twitter. They also offer promotions, but they need to improve their number of tweets. The fourth example is from the San Diego Chargers of Follow Back and Listen With only 38,000 followers they are one of the lowest NFL teams, even though they do tweet relevant information on the teams info they still have a lack of followers.

However, they have adapted a strategy that no other team is using. The Chargers followers over 31,000 twitter accounts most of which are random fans that follow them. This creates a sense of community for the Charger fans, and opened the door for the Chargers to attract a lot more followers. The fifth example is from the New York Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies and relevant retweets are their main post. The team’s success and locations in large market cities make them popular teams and therefore need little help to gain ollowers.

So they Just stay active on twitter with the basic formula that seems to keep their fans happy and feeling involved. Overall while many teams use different strategies on twitter to gain followers and recognition. The ultimate goal of each team is to use twitter to close the gap between the team and fan interaction. This allows fans to not feel distant from the day to day activities of the team. Each team is trying to find a way to distance themselves and make their twitter stand out to fans.